Partner & Projects

We are in permanent contact with science institutions in Germany like Fraunhofer and several Technical Universities and consultant partners like Dioptic or Alpha.

A highly qualified team of physicists and engineers who develops application-oriented solutions in the fields of optical measurement technology, photometry, fluorescence photometry, spectroscopy, microscopy, and interferometry.


Neomind – Industrie Design München
Dioptic/Weinheim – Optische Entwicklung
Dayton/Hong Kong – Entwicklung & Produktion von elektronischen Komponenten
Gigatronik, E-Mobility – Entwicklung Elektronik und Firmware
O-range/Italy – wearable technologie‘ Entwicklung und Produktion für ‚seamless construction mobile Solarpower


Bosch/Reutlingen – eMobility
Benchmark drives – eMobility
Cust Med/München – Medizinprüftechnik
Magura/Bad Urach – eLect
Nuvinci/USA –  Schaltungssysteme Bike
O-synce International/Hong Kong – Bike Computer/GPS/ Herzfrequenzsensoren
Powertap/USA – Leistungsmessung
Schwalbe/Bergisch Gladbach –  Reifentechnik