momes - microelectronic on movement

New developments and technologies are accelerating in unbelievable speed

The microelectronic is improving our daily life. We are in a perpetual state of change. To keep up with the state of the art technology will be more and more difficult for only one single company. The goal is not to improve in one discipline but combine several: software, hardware, design, functionality and the use of simplicity. We call it synchronizing. Not only the technical possibilities but also the natural needs of humans have to be involved. People react instinctively and respond to the simplest of signals.

Strong brands utilize this effect to create an unequivocal atmosphere with new high tech products.

Momes was created to combine more than one discipline in a team of specialist to synchronize microelectronics in portable and wearable devices.

ISPO Award Gold Winner USEE


The idea behind momes is to combine all special skills with a worldwide network of research institutions in one company.

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momes is specialized in developing software and hardware solutions for any kind of sensor measurement and signal analysis.

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momes has developed many products like Fitness Wellness wrist-watch system and bicycle computers information center.

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