Every Brand has its own history, and their product has a different background – whether it has been on the market for a long time, or whether it is brand new, has almost been forgotten or has already been there before.

But the all-important question remains the same:

How can I achieve long-term success with new up-to-date products?

We would like to supply you with the answer – with our work.

This conception is reflected in our credo: „Creating wearable technologies“.

We believe that this represents a means for developing solutions which can be used by strong brands. Brands who need these ideas to keep up in an extreme competitive environment to succeed!

We want to work with you to think laterally, pose awkward questions, detect problems, and consider the details which are really relevant.

In short, to establish the unmistakable product or service concept which is necessary for your brand; the basis for long-term economic success.

From special part time to the complete full project management service!

Product Management
  1. Product Design
  2. Product Engineering
  3. Mechanical
  4. Electronic
  5. Software programming
  6. Plastic engineering
  7. Prototype
  8. Production Engineering
  9. Sales order & overseas distribution processing based on forecast and warehouse allocation
  10. Quality control and assurance

MOMES offers development design experience in the areas of electronic sport devices and high tech products. Concepts are developed through innovative ideas, ergonomic product and realized in production mature development.

Projects are fulfil with approved partners, engineering and production companies.

Core Technologies & Capabilities
  1. Wireless Heart Rate with ECG accuracy
  2. Finger Sense Heart Rate with ECG accuracy
  3. Analog Radio Frequency (RF) Transmission
  4. Digital Radio Frequency (RF) Transmission up to 2.4GHz
  5. ASIC Chips
  6. MCU – 4 bit, 8 bit microprocessors with custom software
  7. Auto dimming light technology
  8. LCD, LED, OLED Displays
  9. Pulse width modulation motor driving
  10. Semi-conductor pressure sensor
  11. Single chip semi-conductor air pressure sensor
  12. Semi-conductor temperature sensor
  13. Directional locator for incoming radio signal
  14. Electro-luminous lighting (EL Back-light)
Engineering Capabilities

We employ a team of engineers from all backgrounds. We have specialists in software development, hardware development, electronics, plastic engineering and production as well as mechanical engineering. Our engineers have years of experience and ongoing education to keep them on top of their respective fields. Having this in-house capability allows momes to help our customers develop their product as well as improve and facilitate any changes in a timely manner.

Our quick turnaround time in product development assists our customer in getting their product to market faster and provide assurance that the product is built right the first time, every time.

Technical Capabilities
  1. Computer software based PCB layout – up to 4 layers.
  2. Custom software development for most of the commonly used microprocessors
  3. Fully computerized 2D(Auto Cad) and 3D(Solid Works/Pro-E) for mechanical design
  4. Full custom tool-making up to DME Standards
  5. Plastic injection molding – both vertical and horizontal 22 to 600 tons
  6. Full pad/silkscreen printing, hot stamping
  7. Metal stamping
  8. Fully automated Surface Mount Technology
  9. lR/Hot air reflow technology
  10. Automatic wire bonding
  11. Ultrasonic welding of plastic lens and cases
  12. Cubic finish/ Rubberized finish/ Spray painting of plastic cases