USEE – Welcome to the Future.

The first head-up display for bicycle helmets – ABUS cooperates with o-synce for the „USEE®“ HUD developed and patented by MOMES

The „USEE®“ HUD developed and patented by MOMES GmbH is a head-up display for cyclists. The smart device will initially be exclusively available to owners of the ABUS GameChanger, Aventor and Viantor racehelmets, which have a suitable mounting option to install the helmet head-up display. With eyes-on-the-road benefits, „USEE®“ enables intelligent monitoring of all relevant performance parameters or safe navigation in cycling, so the view remains on the road and hands on the handlebars.




A new head-up display

The world’s first helmet mounted head-up display (HUD) with a 360° bike
experience. „keep your eyes on the road“.



Large digits, easy to be read in nearly all complex situations, like under strong sunshine, in rain or even twilight. Precise graphic presentation. Rapid & clear readability (LCD segment-display).

Ultra Light Module

The USEE weighs just 20 gr. (incl. CR 2032 battery), which is even lighter than Garmin Varia Vision or Google glass.

Solid Construction

Made out of solid parts which have been already approved under extreme conditions.

Additional Features & Advantages

With a weight of 20 grams the product is comfortable to wear and it is interesting especially for cyclists, who otherwise dispense with any unnecessary gram. The LCD display allows excellent readability of the displayed information in any weather conditions and thanks to the UV collector. it automatically adjusts to the light conditions of the surroundings. The extremely high load capacity and the 100% waterproof case, combined with an accumulation time of more than 400 hours, make the „USEE®“ a perfect extension for all cycling enthusiasts who pay attention to the performance as well as to the safety.